Knowledge is never static. Similarly, no matter how much some may so desire, culture is also never static. As a result, any work, particularly any lexicon on cultures, will continually need to be updated with alternative, conflicting or novel ideas and opinions. As I have attempted to do throughout the bespoke textbook, the additional and supplementary readings that are listed below are not intended as definitive proofs or positions on any of the topics; they merely add to the conversations.

A note of caution. Some of the links may be behind paywalls or other firewalls. In most cases you can access a limited number of articles from some media sources each month for free. Other media companies may require you to register. I am not requiring anyone to subscribe for any additional material. The only subscription for any student is for the textbook, even though all the material for the Culture in Context course is behind Modular Press paywall. We have arranged the documentation in this format for UX reasons. Therefore, please check with the university library to access any or all the supplementary and additional readings if you are being asked to subscribe. The same holds with external links in the textbook that may now be behind some firewall.

This Additional and Supplementary Readings document will need ongoing updates as material becomes available. I encourage you to check back regularly. I encourage you to export the readings as pdf files for later reading and reference. As I mentioned in the textbook, I welcome links to articles and videos that you feel would be valuable for others to read or watch. This is your opportunity to add to human cognition and our heuristics. If you have anything you would like to add, please either email it to me or send me a message on the LMS. (I will need to review any suggestion for suitability.)